Pups are like potato chips, it is hard to stop at just one! One of the best compliments we get, is repeat customers! We have several and we think that says a lot about our Puppies.
John & Ruth from Delphos Ohio have 3 of our Pom Puppies. They stay in touch and bring them to visit us!
Pictured Holly&Ruth, John& Cocoa, Kevin & Junior and
Kevin and I with all 3 on a visit.
Helen is John & Ruths daughter and she has 2 of our babies also:
Jax and Jemma!
Click on photos for a larger view
Josh & Amanda from Toledo have 3 babies, Butters, Bella and Sarg

Hi Joan!! 
We made it home safe and sound! We decided to name her Bella after all. I was between that, and Zoey- and when we were driving home I said "Bellaaaaa", and she looked right at me. I think she chose her name! She is the sweetest thing. I took her to my boyfriend's house and even all the "macho men" fell in love with her, and all the kisses and love she gives! My cat didn't know what to think! She was chasing his tail, pouncing on him- and he just sat there like, "what is this thing?" lol. On the drive home she went #2 on her pee-pad... and when we came home she went right to the pad to go pee! We're very impressed with how smart and sassy she is. Whenever she wants to come on the couch she jumps and yips, then when you put her up there she runs from person to person climbing up them and giving kisses. She's TOO CUTE!! We're in love. She'll be spoiled rotten. We'll be taking pictures to send soon!  
Thank you for everything and for such a sweetie pie!
 Talk to you soon! 
Jessica drove from Buffalo New York twice for Pom Puppies! She has Bella and Aspen
Dear Joan and Kevin,
As you probably notice Callie is doing wonderful. She was the easiest dog to potty train. She is very smart and such a sweetie. She goes to work every day with us and loves her walks. She gets spayed Dec. 28, so that will be a nervous day till that is all over. She has made us so happy. 
Have a wonderful Holiday,
Denise, Scott and Callie 
York Pa
thank you so much we are sooooooooooooo happy with wrigley you have no idea what you have done for our family it was a big blessing and we thank you dearly from the bottom of our hearts, she is awesome and so much fun both our families just love her to death. We did the ckc for her and we had to figure out a full name for her sooooo her full registered name is wrigley cuddles parks, cute huh? we love it. let us know when u need any reference we will be more than happy to write a letter. Again thank you so much we will be in touch with pictures of wrigley.
Rico Parks
Chicago, Illinois

I want to thank you for such a wonderful puppy for Katie.  She is so very happy with Romeo.  He is everything she hoped for.  He has been an absolute joy.  He is very well socialized, not needy at all.  He is healthy and playful, not annoying.I know quiet a bit about the business of dog breeding.  I own a large farm with a family of 12 dogs myself ( 2 Poms) and have dealt with a lot of breeders.  You are the first to date I can say that actually impressed me.Romeo shows all signs of good breeding and a healthy upbringing.  I want you to know I will come to you if anything should happen to either of my Pom buddies. If you should ever need a reference please give my name. 
Again, Thank you so much!!
Jennifer Mingione
Feathers And Fleece Farm
Anna Drove from Canada
Hi Joan, 
I hope all is well and that you enjoyed your vacation. Sorry it has taken me a few weeks to get back to you. I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the new addition to our family. I grew up with all sorts of dogs and I must say that I have never met such a smart, with it, and personable puppy. My husband and I had him for a week and then very reluctantly gave him up to our father. He is a well loved and doted upon little guy. We got lots of pictures of the birthday surprise but I have yet to get my hands on them, as soon as I do I will send some to you. 
Maybe in a few years Payam and I will be ready for our own chow and be back to see you:)
Thank you again for all of your help!
I just want to take a quick, minute to thank you for the Blessing of Spooky Bear to our family!!!  He is...Sooo Great!  He is 100% "Chow-Puppy" and 100% "All-Boy" lol.  Have officially named him..."Spooky the Bear" a.k.a. "Spook" for short.  By the way...the pics you sent are great!  Thank You in more ways than one!!!  My Vet was (as equally) impressed as I with the care you and Kevin have put into your litter.  And, seems that Spooky is an instant "Rockstar" on facebook amongst my friends.  Just can't thank you enough!  And, as you requested....I'll keep sending ya photo's every "so often" to keep in your "scrapbook".  Keep up the great job...all breeder's should be as responsible and as caring of their litters as you are. 
Larry McVey
Randy and Brenda are from Indiana and have two of our Poms, Luna & Sage. Facebook message from Luna: The tech at the vet was so smitten with Sage that we had to give her you guys' website address. We raved about ya. January 29 at 11:10am 
Hi Joan,
It's been a week so I thought I'd better send an update. Tell your husband that we're still calling him Tank because he really is one. He is just fantastic. We love him so much. We cant look at his little face without smiling. He is adapting great. He follows us everywhere and bounces and plays all the time (when not napping). 
We will send pictures later on. He really hasn't changed much yet.
Thank you again, he's wonderful.
Sam and Mary
Kole is fat and full of energy, seems he is bigger everyday. Kole is in school, puppy classes at petsmart, his third class is Sunday. I have had him to our vet and got a very good report. The vet really likes Kole.
Little John: John R Taylor
Olathe, Kansas

Hi Joan and Kevin,Sending the first of three pictures of Macey .  Even now, she’s looking different.  She has more color, more tan and white under her chin and  white long wisps coming out of her ears.  She’s so pretty and sweet and we all love her so much!  She’s lively and yippy and smart.  She loves going into our backyard and racing around all over. A week after we brought Macey home, Stamford was hit with a major storm. It was horrendous. Power was off for four days. Needless to say , house-training was a challenge for that week, but we did okay! Ellie is still ecstatic over her little pup. That evening, after we left you and checked-in to the motel, she was strutting her around in her arms like a proud mother with her first newborn!  She keeps saying that getting Macey was the best thing that we have ever done! Just wanted to let you know that all is well.  We’ll send more pictures as she grows.  Hope all is well with you.
Best regards,
Debbie Schoenfeld
Stamford, Connecticut
Facebook post from Amanda:
bella is growing up more and more everyday...she weights about 6 pounds ( almost as much as butters at 7) but still looks like a mini dog. She likes ball playing and only with the ball butters has...not the other ones that are available. She usually was sleeping in a crate..but now loves to sleep with Josh and I with butters...only occasionally do we wake up to them play fighting. Bella's almost one.... and is a real joy.
February 10, 2011

  Quote from my Grandaughter Addison    Jenna,  "Gramma, I am in Puppy Heaven         when I am at your house"
   I couldn't agree with her more!

Robert&Sharon from Toledo with Toby, were referred by Josh and Amanda.
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